4 Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate with Influencers

A successful influencer strategy requires data for optimal growth. It’s important to understand which factors are most impactful, and plan future campaigns accordingly. Klear’s analysis capabilities estimate campaign ROI, helping brands make the best decisions. Whether your goals are branding or conversions, it’s important to understand the many factors at play. In this exciting ...

6 Things People Love About Klear

2020 is gearing up to be a great year! In the past year, the influencer marketing industry experienced 48% growth! As more brands incorporate influencers to their strategy, we want to ensure that Klear is the ultimate tool from start to finish of a campaign. Here are 6 reasons Klear will make you go wow! […]

Influencer Marketing Events For Your 2020 Calendar

A new year means a new conference marketing calendar. More brands want to discuss how to implement influencer marketing into their overall strategy. As such, digital marketing events have begun incorporating this channel in their agenda, and we’ve even seen the emergence of new events focusing just on influencer marketing. Conferences are a great place […]

Top 10 Fitness Influencers You Should Know

The Strongest Influencers In The Game Influencers are already pretty intimidating. With their perfectly curated content, great outfits, and jet setting lifestyles, they can come across as having it all. Adding a #fitness to this, and you’ll drown in a sea of abs, squats, and healthy meals. The truth is, Fitness influencers possess a strength […]

2019 State of Influencer Marketing Report: Instagram Trends

2019 was a major year for influencer marketing. This effective marketing channel is now used by 96% of all brands and continues to see impressive growth rates. Influencer campaigns are run across all the major social networks from Facebook to industry new-comer TikTok, but Instagram is still the top choice amongst brands and influencers. Given […]

The Top 10 Food Influencers

Craving a Food Influencer Collaboration?  An easy way to understand the influencer industry is by the different industries each influencer exits in. The industries are related to the type of content they generate and the interests of the audience they engage with.  Food is one of the most popular influencer categories. With beautiful images, tasty […]

[Product Update] The Best Way To Monitor An Influencer Campaign

Creating a perfect campaign can feel meaningless without the ability to measure impact and see tangible results. Klear’s built-in analytics capability tracks and aggregates all campaign content, automatically analyzing performance to provide a complete assessment of how successful a campaign is.  We understand that influencer campaigns are complex, and can’t be identified by a single [&he...

FTC Influencer Guidelines For Dummies

We’ve all seen an #ad in an Instagram post. This is the easiest way to disclose a sponsored collaboration while adhering to FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulations. But, there is way more to being FTC complacent. The FTC works to prevent fraudulent advertising on social media. And, as a majority of social media advertising is […]

How To Successfully Work With Micro-Influencers

If you’re familiar with influencer marketing then you’re definitely familiar with micro-influencers. In 2019, micro-influencer made up 90% of all influencer activity, leaving many to wonder if the days of the big-named celebrity influencers are long gone.  There are many reasons why brand benefits from a micro-influencers collaboration. Their small audience size (yes, SMALL) connects [&he...