Since the day I first read Rand Fishkin’s 10X Content I started looking for 10X things everywhere: in blog posts, videos, ebooks, movies, keynote speakers, you name it. Good content is everywhere, excellent content is harder to find. The same goes with social media influencers.

This blog post uses Rand’s post format and seeks the same values: 10X performance, this time – with influencers. Some of the criteria Rand identified for content fit perfectly for influencers. These are marked below with quotation marks.

And just like Rand’s list of 10X content, the list of influencers that follows will be left without further explanations. The influencers’ content and performance will speak for themselves.

What is a “10X” Influencer?

There are many good influencers on social media. They create photos, posts, videos that drive the conversation in their field of expertise. But what makes a social media creator not just an influencer, but a 10X influencer?

The 10X influencer term refers to an influencer who is 10 times better than the leading influencers in his/her niche.

Criteria for 10X Influencers:

  • Provide a uniquely positive community feeling through comments, chats and personal relationships (online/offline).
  • They are approachable.
  • “Deliver content that is some substantive combination of high-quality, trustworthy, useful, interesting, and remarkable.”
  • Are not afraid to speak their mind on race, gender, or get involved in other political discussions.
  • “Create an emotional response of awe, surprise, joy, anticipation, and/or admiration”.
  • They initiate actions. Their influence has real impact on people.
  • Have an active and established online presence.
  • “Have achieved an impressive quantity of amplification (through shares on social networks and/or links).”

Just like with the 10X content criteria, not all of these are required, but some selection of them should be present in each of the influencers that fall under the label of a 10X influencer.

List of 10X Content:

divider-01 (2)

[GloZell Green] GloZell Green

[Vsauce]  Michael Stevens

[MyHarto] Hannah Hart

[Tyler Oakley] Tyler Oakley

[Zoella] Zoe

[iJustine] Justine Ezarik

[BuckHollywood] Michael Buckley

[deefizzy] Damon Fizzy

[Rachh Loves Life] Rachel

[BFvsGF] Jesse Wellens

[SoundlyAwake] Nicola Foti

[PsychoSoprano] Colleen Ballinger


[@fashionista804] Sophia Chang

[@styleit] Sarah Conley

[@kaileemckenzie] Kailee McKenzie

[@AmeliaLiana_] Amelia Liana

[@Evelina] Evelina

[@HelloJuliaGraf] Julia Graf

[@beautyjunkieldn] Jen

[@SunKissAlba] Alba Ramos

[@brambleberry] Anne-Marie Faiola


[@Barnacules] Barnacules

[@RichardWiseman] Richard Wiseman

[@austinnotduncan] Austin Evans

[@thiojoe] ThioJoe

[@zephoria] Danah Boyd

[@tomscott] Tom Scott

[@TechRax] Taras Maksimuk


[@FifteenSpatulas] Joanne Ozug

[@weelicious] Catherine McCord

[@OMGgemma] Gemma Tomlinson

[@GDeLaurentiis] Giada De Laurentiis

[@101Cookbooks] Heidi Swanson

[@balancedbites] Diane Sanfilippo

[@clotildenet] Clotilde Dusoulier

[@davidlebovitz] David Lebovitz


[@CaseyNeistat] Casey Neistat

[@inthefrow] Victoria

[@JohnnyJet] JohnnyJet

[@KenKaminesky] Ken Kaminesky

[@ALadyInLondon] Julie Falconer

[@TravelBlggr] Rachelle Lucas

[@KirstenAlana] Kirsten Alana


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