Twitter had great news for marketers on Twitter Flight, the company’s mobile developer conference.

Led by the (re)new CEO, Jack Dorsey, the company revealed new tools and services. We monitored twitter conversations around #TwitterFlight as well as each feature independently, to see how the crowd reacted.

What got most of the users’ attention was a new Polls feature (more than 15k mentions). As we saw on our monitors, the audience that was eager for #TwitterFlight news were Marketers (7%), exceeding the direct target audience of developers (5%).

Here are three announcements from Twitter Flight that made marketers so excited:

Twitter Polls

Polls enable you to create a two-choice poll that stays live for 24 hours. As the company promised, votes will not be shared publicly. Creating a poll is going to be done right from the compose button.

Twitter is starting to roll out this polls feature over mobile for everyone. This is a big opportunity to increase user engagement with minimal effort.

What’s in it for Marketers?

Many users within the audience are observers, not tweeters. When they see a trending topic they may read it, scroll right past it but perhaps not share their thought. Polls expand the options of getting the user involved with your brand. Imagine Ben and Jerry’s making a poll to favour a name for a new flavour – now that’s gonna be tasty.

Polls are arriving in a perfect time where users are used to filling out Buzzfeed-like quizzes and then share it. For Twitter it means more engagement with their app while for brands it’s a new tool to spice up their content and increase engagement rates with their silent audience.

Twitter Publish

Twitter Publish is a visual storytelling tool that enables embedding a set of tweets in one single frame. The embedded tweets are live and clickable and the overall appearance seems much nicer than a separate embeds of the tweets. Currently, the service is available for the web, and when shown on mobile the tweets will be shown one after the other.

To test the new feature, we created a collection of our own tweets. Here’s how it looks like:

What’s in it for Marketers?

Aside from the great design, Publish creates a new node to engage readers with the feed. While embedding one tweet focuses the attention of the reader at the content, the tiles create a different experience which encourages the user to click it and follow the account. Just like Carousel Ads did opening up a new way to advertise with swiping through several images, Publish did just with content.

Here’s how you can create a Twitter Collection to use it in the Publish tool:

Go to TweetDeck, press the + button on the sidebar and choose “Collection”. Then drag tweets to the collection or enter them manually by URLs. After you’ve finished collecting the tweets, click the settings icon at the column’s header, press the Share button and choose the View on Twitter option. From here you can take the collection’s URL or just its ID (the string of numbers at the end of the URL) and paste it in Twitter Publish. Ta da! You’ve got a collection to embed on your site.

Tip: Currently you can’t change the order of the tweets in the embedded collection. So insert the tweets to the collection in descending order. The last tweet you’ll add will be shown as the top tweet.

Audience and Engagement APIs 

Twitter announced the availability of two new APIs – Engagement and Audience. The two APIs are provided by Gnip, a data company that was acquired by Twitter, and provides valuable information for marketers and publishers.

As the company announced, “The Audience API delivers aggregate information about custom-defined groups of people who use Twitter, making it easy to derive valuable insights about these audiences.”

About the second API, the company explained that “The Engagement API provides powerful and flexible access to impressions and granular engagement data for Tweets from owned accounts.”

This Engagement API provides an access to organic impressions and engagement, which include impressions, retweets, favs, replies, URL clicks, hashtag clicks, media views and more.

What’s in it for Marketers?

The APIs (both are in Beta) will support marketers with granular data about their customers and audience. It will help them get deeper insights about their audience demographics, behavior and content preferences to later utilize it for better segmentation. Marketers who use social analytics tools will soon enjoy richer analytics of their social performance. 

Twitter Won their Audience. Now What?

It’s no secret that Twitter’s struggle is to raise their monthly active users and make the already active ones more engaged. The company’s announcements are showing a promising direction in this context. The polls gamify the feed while Publish offers a bait to see more from the content creator.

As we saw on our tracking monitors, all features enjoyed high levels of positive sentiment. This is a good sign of Twitter winning the Marketers and Developers audience. Now it needs to get the rest.

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