What if you could utilize your influencer efforts to boost online conversions? Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Well, now you can.

A research from Northwestern University has shown that social recommendations can boost online conversions by 270%!

This is why we’re so excited to release our newest tool, the Klear Influencer Gallery. This is a new solution which helps teams leverage the power of influencers to increase visitors’ trust throughout the buyer journey.

The Klear Influencer Gallery offers clients a new way to showcase their influencers and what they have to say about their products, directly on their website. The Influencer Gallery is easily embedded on any website and shows select content the influencers shared on their social accounts.

With the Influencer Gallery, brands can Increase the ROI and lifespan of their influencer programs. Furthermore, by showcasing influencers on their websites, they can strengthen their relationship with the influencers and even increase the influencers motivation to work with them.

To learn more about how to add a gallery to your site, drop us an email here. Feel free to navigate through the campaign below. 

White Label influencer campaign reports for digital agencies

Branded Agency Reports

Agencies can now use their own branding on campaign reports. To co-brand the reports with the agency’s identity, upload the logo to your account (under the Settings) and that’s it! The reports will be branded with your mark on it.

Monitor Instagram username and hashtags

Monitor Instagram Mentions

You can now learn who mentioned your brand and better measure campaigns with the upgraded Instagram monitoring. The Klear monitoring tools now support tracking mentions of usernames on Instagram. With the new tracking option, you can see how influencers mentioned the brand username (i.e., @nike). 

Multiple Hashtag Tracking

In addition to single hashtag tracking that is available on Klear, we have released an advanced option to track up to 3 hashtags in a single monitor. Now, when influencers post their content with different hashtags (like #NewChanel5 or #ChanelGrasse), you can track them all in one monitor.

Find influencers on Facebook

Find Influencers on Facebook

The Klear Influencer Search Engine now supports Facebook pages.  In addition to Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Blogs, you can now search for influencers on Facebook. The Facebook Influencer Search will help you find influencers around any topic anywhere in the world. The search is great for finding influencers who operate an active Facebook page alongside with other channels, like Instagram, Youtube, and others.

New Search Filters

Sifting through long lists of influencers can be time-consuming. That’s why we have released a set of new search filters to help you find the best results easily.  Here are the most recently released search filters:

  • Search by age groups
  • Audience geography
  • Audience dominant gender
  • Influencers with email addresses in their profiles
  • Influencers with #ad posts

 Have any questions? Want to see these features live? Feel free to contact us.

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