Is there a trick to get a response from an influencer?

Do I talk with the right influencers? 

How can I take the relationship with an influencer to the next level?

Everyone who collaborates with influencers faces these hard questions.

Although 80% of marketers intend to increase their influencer marketing budgets this year, the details of how to execute the influencer strategy are still in question.

We’ve recently had the honor to be the guests of the‘s #BizHeroes Twitter Chat. It was great to hear what are we marketers talk about when we talk about Influencer Marketing. 

Here’s what we discussed and what we’ve learned:

Why are influencers important?

How can we identify the right influencers to connect with?

The Biz Heroes shared great practices in identifying influencers within the social clutter. As you can see, they do not focus solely on metrics, but also on the content and how it aligns with the brand’s strategy.

How do you reach out to an influencer?

Once you know who you should connect with, the next step is reaching out. What is the best way to connect with an influencer? On which platform? And what should you say?

Are there any tips or tricks to help us get a response back?

We contacted the influencer, now what?

Reading through the Biz Heroes tweets, there’s a strong feeling of maturity in the way influencer marketing is practiced today.

The experts are already experienced with working with influencers and they developed influencer marketing best practices that work. They have a notion of how to reach out to them, what to expect while working with influencers, and when to give them the creative freedom they need.

We would be happy to hear your experience. What are your influencer marketing best practices? Feel free to share them with us!

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