“Are you making content OR are you making a difference?”

We were mesmerized by this of quote of Jay Baer. Yes, this is it. Content is not just about its dominance within the kingdom, but its power to make a difference.

There’s no place like Content Marketing World (CMWorld), the Content Marketing Institute’s annual event, to feel the pulse of online content. If there are people who know where content’s true North is, they were on that stage.

CMWorld 2015 was a 4-day conference held in Cleveland, and hosted over 80 sessions around content marketing and strategy.

We set a goal to measure and find the conference’s top speakers to be ranked by social share of voice, so that we won’t miss their highlights from now onwards. By the event’s end, the #CMWORLD had gained 43.7k mentions worth 290m potential impressions!

Monitors were setup not only to capture social conversations around #CMWORLD, but also to track conversations around the event’s speakers which are event-related. Speakers were then ranked by share of voice levels over Twitter. 

So without further ado, here are the top 5 speakers who rocked CMWorld15:

Jay Baer

@JayBaer | 2.2k Mentions

With the promising title “Does Your Content Marketing Pass the Mom Test?”, Jay Baer made his sure way to the top of CMWorld speakers. Baer is the founder of Convince & Convert, a strategy consulting firm and one of the top marketing keynote speakers.

At his keynote talk he persuade us marketers to aim for sincere marketing. Or as he puts it:

“Your Mom is unafraid to tell you the truth, and if your Mom, who loves you unconditionally, still doesn’t like something, NOBODY else will like it either.”

Read Baer’s full speech here.


Joe Pulizzi

@JoePulizzi  | 1.8k Mentions

Joe Pulizzi is the founder of Content Marketing Institute, so talking about content at CMWorld is his playground. Pulizzi spoke about content marketing opportunities for small businesses and startups.

Here are some leading tweets mentioning his insights:


David Beebe

@davidbeebe  | 1.8k Mentions

CMWorld emphasized clearly that 2016 is going to be the year of brand content. And David Beebe was the right person to tell it from the brand perspective.

Beebe is the global creative and content marketing of Marriott International, one of the most interesting brands on social media.

At his talk he shared with the audience how Marriott found the opportunity to become a publisher of travel lifestyle across all social platforms and how to make conversions out of it.


Kristina Halvorson

@Halvorson  | 1.5k Mentions

Kristina Halvorson is a sure bet for every event organizer. Her talks always get a lot of social attention (she also made it to the top speakers at MozCon). Halvoroson is the CEO of Brain Traffic and a leader in content strategy.

Halvorson talked about the practice of content marketers and how we shouldn’t confuse content success for the brand over what it means to our customers.



Ann Handley

@MarketingProfs  | 1.1k Mentions

While everybody’s doing content these days, not so many create great content. Ann Handley, Head of content at MarketingProfs, thinks it is possible to tell “Bigger, Braver and Bolder” stories.

If you missed it, her talk is a must-read.


Honorable Mention

John Cleese

@JohnCleese  | 2.9k Mentions

It isn’t a fair game to mention John Cleese with all of the other speakers in the same list. The English comedian, which we all know from Monty Python, took CMWorld by storm with his keynote.

Beside his acting career, Cleese is now known for his creativity talks. And oh, the attendees loved what he had to say about it.

Here are some insights from his talk:

What Did We Learn?

The secret behind the social success of CMWorld’s keynote speakers is clear – they were not hiding behind cliches. Creating engaging content these days is hard and the way to overcome it is by serving the audience with painfully genuine, useful and entertaining content.

The best way to summarize is with this CMWorld most popular tweet:

Klear Pricing

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