Just by watching the Facebook Live Map, it seems like people are adopting the new Facebook Live feature quickly. On the live streams you can find C-Suite level executives, such as OKCupid Co-Founder, tattoo artists, and eventually everyone who are brave enough to live stream their life online.

Though people embrace the new Live era, most brands are still looking at it from afar. If you’re still wondering whether you should go live and how, we’ve found the perfect people to consult with.

Here are the 5 Facebook experts that have strong opinions about the platform and great tips to share:

1. Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer is THE video master. She is the authority in social video marketing, and she definitely practices what she preaches.

Schmittauer runs a popular YouTube show under the name of Savvy Sexy Social, and also pops up live on Facebook with an unfiltered content (such as talking marketing while making omelette). Her videos on YouTube and Facebook are always, smart and entertaining. Check her out!

2. Andrea Vahl

Perplexed by marketing on Facebook? Get Andrea Vahl to sort things for you.

Vahl is the author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies, and a known social media professional. She’s the perfect person to clarify questions about Facebook and the opportunities that’s hidden for brands in it. Her live streams are usually short, helpful and to the point.

3. Kim Garst

It’s easy to miss the latest social media news only to see your competitor adapt the newest tactics before you even heard of them.

Kim Garst, one of the most influential social media experts today, share the latest social news on her Facebook Live updates, with a personal touch and immediate response to any question asked. Follow her on Facebook to keep yourself updated not only with the latest news but also with the tips on how to make the most of the most recent updates.

4. Mari Smith

You are probably familiar with Mari Smith, one of the most well-known thought leaders of social media marketing. Smith is a Facebook expert, and as one, she’s super-responsive on her Facebook page. If you have any Facebook-related question, just show up to one of Mari’s live broadcasts and ask.

Smith shares great insights on how to go live on Facebook, what kind of content to share, how to expend your reach on Facebook and any issue that we all face on Facebook.

5. Dave and Carrie Kerpen (Likeable Media)

Dave and Carrie Kerpen are a great example of a brand utilizing Facebook Live to its full potential. On their live show the two share their opinions about the latest hottest news in a marketing perspective. They are witty, funny and the dynamic between them both is always fun to watch.

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