Running successful influencer campaigns isn’t just about finding the right brand ambassadors and posting the best content. True experts know the ins and outs of the industry, and that includes the latest changes to all the various social media channels.

Still, staying on top of everything can be hardwood. So, to ensure that you’re running your campaigns with expert information, we’ve gathered the latest industry updates for you! 

1. Instagram Tackles Fake Views…and News

In recent months Instagram users observed something interesting when they checked insights of their recent Stories, and increase in views…from users that weren’t following them. Instagram investigated, and the good news is it’s not another Russian hack! These are users paying a third party to show fake likes, comments, and now story views with the hope that profiles will follow them back. However, often these fake Story views come from users that are not related to a specific influencer’s category, and can impact outcomes when a creator shares their performance metrics with a potential partner.

The good news, Instagram is working to stop growth hackers across the platform. It is known to be an inauthentic way to grow followers, which Instagram has been committed to preventing. This comes at a time when Instagram is trying to instill a sense of authenticity to the platform; as of August 15th, users can report posts or stories believed to be spam or inappropriate, which will train AI to detect fake content. Once a piece of content has been flagged the creator will be notified and the content will be reviewed by a third-party fact checker. As instagram rolls out these new updates, it is especially important to maintain transparent collaboration with your influencers during the entire campaign process.

2. Why Should You Get a Creator Account?

Recently Instagram launched a new account status: Creator. We’ve been getting a lot of questions like, “is that the same as professional account?” Long story short, no it’s not. Now on instagram there are three account types; Personal, Business, and Creator Business accounts were introduced as businesses and influencers required more comprehensive insights and actions than standard users. Creator accounts are essentially a step-up from Business accounts, and include more insights and capabilities.

Now available to all Instagram users, Creator accounts offer deep insights on follower growth and decline, to help brands better understand how and what is affecting their audience. But, one of the biggest benefits of Creator accounts is that they are supported by the Instagram API, which means all Creator accounts can use third part tools like Klear to collaborate with brands! New Creator accounts also have the ability to display the specific category the profile exists in; i.e. Blogger, Artist, Athlete. This makes it easier to discover and be discovered.

3. Facebook’s News Tab Will Bring Trustworthy News

Facebook has announced plans to launch a news tab this fall, a place where users can go to receive trustworthy news. It has even been reported that Facebook would pay publishers millions annually in order to license content. As Facebook is trying to navigate their relationship with publishers, this move could offer a non-partisan alternative to current advertising models.  

4. Instagram & WhatsApp Are Facebook Services

Facebook wants to clear up any confusion anyone might have about their products and entities. So, coming soon, Instagram and WhatsApp will be getting a makeover which will include “From Facebook” to their name. Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion back in 2014, and Instagram in 2011 for $1 billion. This new “makeover” won’t have much impact on how the different platforms operate, but could be an indication of future plans for a more wholistic experience.

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