As we’re rounding out the year, our team launched a couple of awesome features that we are excited to share with you. Let’s dive right into it!

First-Party Authenticated Metrics

We’ve heard from many brands that they constantly ask Influencers to share screenshots of their performance metrics with them. Well, not anymore.

Klear now features the ability to share first-party metrics, including audience demographics, Instagram Stories views, impressions, video views, and more.

The verified data is available for over 700,000 creators who authenticated their Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook channels on Klear.

Authenticated accounts are marked with a small check mark like in the image below:

Authenticated profile

Note that you can always send influencers an invitation to authenticate their accounts to receive access to their demographics.

Instagram Photo Tags Tracking

You can now track how influencers photo-tag your brand on Instagram. This new tracking feature is available for the different brands you manage.

The new tracking feature helps to capture posts that photo-tagged your brand by its @handle. To enable the tracking, simply connect your Instagram Business account to your Klear account.

More Information?

To learn more about the new features and to see the both live, schedule a time with our team.

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