There’s a new guy in the block of video streaming and it shouts at all the other kids – Google Hangouts, Meerkat and Periscope – to up their game. The name is Blab and it’s awesome. Really. We love it. It’s something like Meerkat for group chat, with lots of added fun.

What Exactly is Blab?

The Blab team calls their product an “open air space”, but a “group video chat” would probably be a more meaningful way to put it. Blab is available as an iOS app and also as a web service.

Blab has a ‘stage’ and an ‘audience’. On stage, there are 4 seats for video speakers that lead the show, and an open audience invitation for anyone to join and watch and interact. The entire event and conversation is very dynamic and the Blab organizer can invite people on stage to join the video chat in real time.

One cute feature is the emoji praise hands. During the event you can praise someone with props. Clicking that gives them props which are active only on that current event (it is not saved for future events).

One important thing to notice is what Blab is not. Blab isn’t a place for a private 4 people conference call (though it would be great to clap your hands to someone in the middle of a virtual meeting). 

That’s how it looks like in a Blab by Ian Cleary:

Blab's interface

What are People Blabbing About?

Everything. There are blabs about fitness, video-games, tech and many other categories. To feel the vibe, you can find recorded blabs at the replays section.

Starting a blab on your own is extremely easy. If you still find it challenging, the guys from Blab made a perfect manual just for that.

How to Blab your Marketing

Live video brings people – not brands – to the front. It makes marketing a genuine human conversation. Now the audience can take an active part of the conversation, give live feedback and be heard and seen. No more hiding behind vague emails and auto-messages, god-forbid.

With all the Meerkat-Periscope battle that’s going on, marketers are still trying to figure out how exactly to squeeze the potential out of live streaming.

Currently it is common to find marketers use Blab mainly for B2B marketing. Through its neat interface, Blab makes the interaction along the chat fun for everyone in the room – not only for the video-Blabbers. The ordinary webinar seems a bit ragged next to a Blab conversation. And with the good entertainment comes higher levels of attention to the content which in today’s realm is priceless.

Taking a quick look at Blab’s Klear profile, their audience are exactly the users who will use it as part of their marketing strategy. Blab’s audience top interests are Marketing (9%), Social Media (9%), Business (8%), and bloggers (6%).

The guys at Blab managed to attract an awesome audience in no time. Blab started on April 2015 and got some serious traction since September. Some praises from a top-influencer can surely do no harm for virality:

Marketing Blabs you Need to Be On

Now that we know all about Blab and its marketing potential, here are 4 blabs you just shouldn’t miss:

1. Brain Fanzo

Everything social with the speed of light. Always fun and with great practical advices.

2. Ian Cleary

Hot marketing discussions with the founder of Razor Social.

3. Michael A. Stelzner (SMExaminer)

Founder of Social Media Examiner launched a morning social media talk show to get you going with food for thought for the rest of the day.

4. Rebekah Radice and Ann Tran

Follow the team of InfluencerChat on Blab and catch them whenever they go live. It’s a great place to talk sincerely about influencer marketing.

Quick Tips for Blab

Feel ready to join a Blab or even start one? Here are a few pro-tips to get you going:

  1. Use /q or /question to mark a question.
  2. Use /topic to indicate that the topic of discussion has changed.
  3. Use /shrug or /tableflip. That’s self-explanatory. Just try it.
  4. Find your friends on Blab directly in your profile. Blab marks automatically who’s using it from your Twitter followers and following.
  5. Thinking of hosting a Blab event? Launch a test first in the test zone to test your settings.


Blab’s potential is huge. It is a young product that holds great opportunities for marketers. It is more interactive and exciting than the video platforms that we got used to.

As live video becomes part of the marketing strategy of brands and companies, we won’t be surprised to see Blab as the platform they choose to stream on.

Got any Blab recommendations? We would love to hear them!

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