Romantic comedies love to place the encounter of the two strangers in their native habitat. An elevator, office, or a grocery store, are all great places to bump into the perfect match.

In real life the story is quite different. RomComs tend to dismiss the algorithmic matching sites that are so popular now.

But what if we could combine the two, and have the charming coincidental encounter powered by smart algorithms?

The Ideal Match vs. Window Shopping

Finding online influencers is just like matching with the perfect significant other.

When it comes to matches, psychologies recommend choosing a partner that is similar to you – but also different. Some similarities matters but a few differences are needed also.

We all understand the benefits of similarities in the match, so let’s talk about the differences.

According to the social psychologist Heid Gran Halvorson, reaching mutual goals can be pushed much forward when “creativity, openness and the ability to identify and seize new opportunities” are included.

That’s why you should escape the safe boundaries of your planned influencer search and keep an open mind for new opportunities.

A common practice of this attitude is with a keyword search. To attract the right visitors to your site it’s recommended to expand the search to other matches than the exact phrases you started with. The best results may be found in a broad search of suggested groups and ideas.

We figured out that with influencers, the perfect match needs some help to coincidently happen.

Find Influencers Directly in your Feed

Identifying influence should be done in the native environment of the influencer. When you browse the feed, you need to see who is influential and why.

Let’s say you’re currently looking for influencers for a campaign, or in the middle of a social media crisis and need to prioritize responses. Pinpointing influence in real-time is crucial.

We recently solved that issue with the Klear Chrome Extension for Twitter. This little smart tool helps to identify influencers on the fly. The extension displays up to three influence metrics for those who earned them:

  1. Influence: how influential a user is, on a Top X% scale
  2. Expertise: Is this user an expert in a specific skill (e.g.: Fashion, Food, Social Media).
  3. Responsiveness: Is the user friendly? Does she or he communicate often with others on Twitter?

Klear chrome extension

How do we measure these?

Our data science team analyzes the billions of social interactions and extract valuable insights. Then, we analyze the users’ profiles and rank their influence by different metrics.

The influential Twitter users earn the badges by their performance. Those badges are elegantly displayed near their handles, whether you follow them or not. When the tool is on, it’s easy to identify them in the hectic Twitter timeline.

What Traits Should You Look for in an Influencer?

How can you find the perfect influencer match, while still keeping an open mind for differences?

Here are the traits you should look for while browsing Twitter:

1. Similarities

Don’t look only for expertise similarity. Matching audience demographics can be powerful as well.

2. Charming personality

Is the influencer friendly? Does she talk with many of her followers? Does he respond to comments?

3. Social Love

Do people like the influencer’s content? Do they care to share and discuss it?

4. They’re ready to commit

Did the influencers you’ve seen already partnered with brands before? Check the brands they’ve mentioned before to find it out.

5. Differences

You’re looking for NBA influencers but bumped into NFL influencers? Don’t dismiss them. Just like you have many interests, so do influencers. Take a look, maybe the shared space of interest can be relevant for you.

If some of the traits above are signalled in the person you’ve bumped into, this influencer is the one for you.

Incorporating the influencer identification in your daily Twitter life is a new way of doing smarter marketing. This way you ensure to never coincidently miss the influencer of your life.

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