The perfect vacation starts at home. On your sofa. With the mobile phone in hand.

According to a research from the Netherlands, people who plan their vacation, feel much happier during the anticipation phase towards the vacation, than in the vacation itself. It turns out, we get more satisfaction from looking forward towards something, than enjoying the actual thing.

If you ever went to a vacation and felt stressed or exhausted, you’re not alone. Unlike its reputation, a vacation can be tiresome, mentally and physically. The way to get through it is to prepare yourself in advance. The planning goes not only by what you’re going to do and see but much deeper than that.

Anticipation Increases Joy

Let’s face it, planning a vacation is not the most enjoyable thing to do. Making hotel reservations, finding good restaurants to visit, and making sure not to miss the MUST-SEE! sights – that’s exactly the tasks we’re eager to leave behind.

According to Elizabeth Dune, a leading happiness researcher, building the anticipation is an active process. As she told the New York Times, “it’s Better to immerse yourself in the process”. Recommended methods of immersion: reading novels, watching films, learning the language.

Immersing yourself in a new culture sounds fascinating, but to be honest, also like a lot of work. Who’s got the time to learn a new language? To see many movies in a foreign language, not to mention reading more than one or two novels by local authors?

The Total Vacation Immersion

According to one study, “people who just thought about watching their favorite movie actually raised their endorphin levels by 27%”. So just by thinking about our planned vacation, we can increase our happiness level.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to stimulate our minds to think about our upcoming vacation. Meet the Total Vacation Immersion.

You’ve probably heard of Total Immersion, the swimming technique of moving through the water efficiently. The most effective and conserving energy way to immerse yourself in the vacation planning goes through adding influencers to your own feed.

With the right influencers in your timeline, every time you scroll through your favourite feeds (and we check them more than we’re willing to admit), a glimpse of our future will pop up: an amazing photo of a landscape, a dish we must try, a music video of a band we would have never heard of without a hint of a local. That’s how we would immerse ourselves in an efficient, effortlessly way in our next vacation.

How to Find Your Vacation Influencers

There are few ways to find influencers around your interests in your next destination. Let’s say that you’re an Indie music fan who is planning a vacation in Paris. With just a quick search for Music influencers in Paris in our influencers search engine we’ve come up with so many great people to follow their musical taste. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg:

Gaëlle Pitrel

Music influencer in Paris

Stephen F. O’Malley

Stephen F. O'Malley

We also ran a quick search for Foodies in Paris and found the influencers who would recommend us the boulangerie we must check:


Paris food influencers


Paris food influencers

Follow the Hashtags Trail

Analyzing who uses a hashtag can also lead to great influencers. We’ve set a hashtag monitor for #VisitParis and looked at the top influencers who used it. What followed was that we couldn’t stop following those great Instagrammers who shows the real face of Paris. Here are just two of our favourite:

Marrie Anne Bruschi

Marie Anne Bruschi

b e n e d i c t e

infleuncers from Paris

Why Tourism Agencies Got Hooked on Influencers

Local influencers are the go-to people when it comes to contemporary culture. They know exactly what’s the best place to dine right now, which concert you must attend, and where’s the snazziest fashion designer you should check.

Influencers know exactly what’s trendy. Partially because they are the ones who set the trend.

That’s why tourism agencies love them so much.

One common marketing strategy we see today is to invite influencers from abroad to enjoy a vacation in the destination. Needless to say, the influencers document their experiences with pictures or blog posts. Other agencies approach local infleuncers and invite them to events or new places in town. That would be enough to raise awareness around the destination with the influencer’s’ audience.

In fact, 73% of travelers get destination, hotel and travel ideas from social media. That’s how crucial the influencers part in the travelers decision making.

Leveraging Habits to Increase Happiness

We all check our feeds numerous times a day. For once, we can tell ourselves that it’s for our own good! Following interesting people from our next destination can increase our anticipation towards getting there.

For the more advanced and friendly users among you, don’t stop at following the local influencers. Connect and engage with them. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the chance to practice your French with a local Parisian over the best croissant in town?

Your next vacation can be so much better! Meet Klear:

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