Any marketer knows, running a successful influencer campaign requires a deep and committed understanding of the constantly evolving social media landscape. But, sometimes there are just too many scandals or eyebrow-raising updates to stay on top of. We get it. So, to make things easier for you here’s a look at the top stories every social media pro should know about. 

Is IGTV Finally a Thing?

Instagram TV was released in June 2018, and it’s still be taking time to gain *any* traction. Is it YouTube, is it Hulu, it is just a really long post? No one seems exactly sure. Instagram seems to get everyone’s confusion and has released a new feature called Series, allowing users to categorize their videos under specific collections, think playlists on YouTube…!!

Videos can be uploaded directly to a series, they do not have to be existing posts, and a new series can be created upon upload. And, while this model does seem similar to YouTube’s playlists, the intent is that viewers will stay and view an entire series. As campaigns continue to incorporate video content, it will be interesting to see what role IGTV plays especially as Instagram invests more effort in boosting the feature. 

That’s not all. IGTV previews are now available within your newsfeed, meaning whenever a page you follow shares an IGTV video a promo will appear in your newsfeed. And, users can now share IGTV videos within their stories, making IGTV compatible with every aspect of the Instagram experience. 

#NoFilter…Instagram Removes Plastic Surgery Filters  

There is an age-old question; what came first, the selfie or the filter? Recently some new filters have popped up which mimic the side effects of plastic surgery. Though these filters are probably meant for fun they have received backlash, with many arguing that they add to the increasing pressure social media puts on individuals to achieve unattainable perfection and ultimately feel bad about themselves. In the words of a modern prophet aka an anonymous twitter user, “has Instagram also considered me and what I’m supposed to do when I’m having a day where I look more clapped than normal? Old haggard witches need to look stunning too”. 

Instagram is in the process of removing filters, but it is uncertain how long this process will take. 

Unfollowing on Instagram 

We’ve all experienced it. Scrolling through your Instagram feed and seeing a post that just rattles you to the core. It could be anything; a poorly cooked meal, a humblebrag, another engagement post, or an unwelcomed political rant. Either way, the obvious reaction is to unfollow, out of sight out of mind. 

Unfortunately, these experiences happen more often than not, so Instagram is testing a new feature to help ensure that users have less negative interactions by sorting a user’s network into categories such as  “most viewed in-feed” and “least interacted with”. This way you can unfollow an entire group rather than wait for an unfortunate post and going through the time-consuming effort of unfollowing from their profile.  

YouTube Comment Filters 

For many YouTube creators, comments are the bread and butter of their strategy. It allows them to understand which content their subscribers enjoy and facilitates meaningful interactions with fans. Still, if you’re a creator with a massive subscriber count, going through thousands of comments can be a headache. 

While YouTube does currently have a filtering system for comments, there is room for improvement. So, YouTube is rolling out a new method that filters comments by; Response Status, Contains Question, Subscriber Count, Subscriber Status, and Member Status. The subscriber count filter is significant as it allows creators to see how many subscribers a user has, and prioritizes significant interactions. 

Rise and Shine with Kylie Jenner 

The internet is really a magical place where 1 second can be stretched into a week of endless memes, remixes, covers, and even beauty franchises. What am I referring to? If you don’t know… congratulations you’re one of the few people who has missed the latest internet breakage from the Kardashian-Jenner clan. 

On October 11, 2019, Kylie Jenner gave us a 16-minute tour of the new designed Kylie Cosmetics office.  But it wasn’t until the final minute, the 15:24 mark to be exact when Kylie wakes up Stormi in her lavish on-suite nursery with a dramatic “rise and shine”. The internet went wild and the rest is history. There has been a techno remix, and the 22-year old mogul has even applied to trademark rise and shine as well as release a rise and shine themed beauty kit. Which goes to show, when you’re from the ultimate influencer family nothing is off-limits. 

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