For many businesses, influencer marketing is still a land they’ve never set foot on. Making the first step is not always easy. That’s why we’ve decided to share the best resources to learn influencer marketing online.

In this blog post you will find 9 great resources that will guide you all the way from finding influencers to measuring the impact of influencer campaigns. We’ve divided the resources to online video courses and written guides. Following one or more resource will help you get started with influencer marketing, explore its opportunities, and leverage the power of influencers to build a stronger presence online.

Influencer Marketing Online Courses

1. Lynda: Influencer Marketing Fundamentals

Instructor: Geno Prussakov

Geno Prussakov is an influencer marketing expert and his course on Lynda, the Linkedin owned online education platform, is a popular influencer marketing 101. Prussakov’s course walks the students from identifying different types of influencers, recommended tools for influencer identification, reaching out to influencers and finally measuring the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

2. Zoe Linda: Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Instructor: Zoe Linda

Zoe’s comprehensive course includes 6 modules, from an intro to influencers, how to come up with the best collaborating with influencers idea, finding influencers, reaching out, managing influencers and post-campaign tips.

Zoe shares with her students download guides and useful files for the ongoing influencer marketing management. One interesting thing with Zoe’s course is the part where she dedicates a bonus section to learn more about the “other side” – the influencers themselves. With the interviews with influencers, you will get to learn more about how they see their part in the influencer marketing game.

3. Social Creators: How to Become an Influencer

Instructor: Kyle Pearce

Pearce’s course is a bit different. If you want to learn how creators become influencers, check this course on how to become one.

Pearce is a digital marketing professional who knows how to craft a compelling branded story. He teaches this delicate skill in a 6 hours online course and help bloggers and uprising influencers to develop their personal branding, grow their audience and create better stories online.

4. Udemy: Word-of-Mouth Marketing Workshop

Instructor: Bob Baker

Bob Baker’s online course, which is also named “How to Create Viral Buzz”, aims to teach the Word-of-Mouth Marketing fundamentals. The course includes the elements of viral content and how to launch a successful word-of-mouth campaign.

5. Influencer Marketing Course For Brands

Instructor: Eulogi Bordas

This course is a special one: it’s a free influencer marketing course taught by an influencer! Bordas is a CEO of Photoslurp, a UGC, and marketing platform that helps brands increase their conversion rates with customer photos.

Aside from his work as the CEO of the company, Bordas is also a part-time food Influencer. The course holds 8 lessons which are sent in a daily email. Bordas covers everything from how to know who’s a real influencer, how to connect with an influencer and co-create content, and finally, how to measure the success of the campaign.

Guides For the Self-Thought Marketers

If you are not ready to commit to an online course or prefer diving into a long-form guide, we’ve gathered the best-written guides to influencer marketing. If we missed your favorite one, please tell us!

6. SumoMe: The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing

By: Jason Quey

Jason Quey is an amazing storyteller. Even when he writes an influencer marketing guide, it becomes a hunting story that you can’t stop reading. The results Quey shares are fascinating: his campaign with influencers helped him connect with more than a 1,000 influencers, drive 22,000 visitors to an article and build quality backlinks to the site. Check out his guides, it’s a fun read.

7. Buffer’s Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing

By Ash Read

Each and every entry on Buffer’s blog is an enlightening marketing resource, and this influencer marketing guide is no different. Read’s evergreen blog post is a step-by-step guide to influencer marketing, starting with the great ROI of influencer marketing, how to reach it, and which tools should you use.

8. Bitly: How to Identify Influencers and Get In Touch

Bitly’s Influencer Marketing 101 guide offers everything you can expect from a URL shortening company: a short and precise resource that delivers. Bitly’s guide shares examples and tips on how to start with influencer marketing, identify the influencers and get in touch with them. Don’t forget to check their other chapters where they talk about the campaign brief and measuring ROI.

9. Klear: Guide to Influencer Marketing

Without overly self-promoting, we do recommend you check out our own hands-on guide. This 3 chapters long guide will help you master influencer marketing with useful tips and tricks. Klear’s guide walks you through the influencer identification, the do’s and don’ts of influencer outreach, and how to nurture ongoing relationships with your new champions.

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