For us, 2016 was an amazing ride. Fortune 500 companies and top digital agencies decided to trust us as their influencer marketing solution.

Here are 6 truths we learned during this ride and wanted to share with you. Happy New Year!

1. You Don’t Need More Than 50 Influencers

The world’s 3rd largest smartphone company did it with 11. Read the full story of Huawei’s influencers program.

Influencer Marketing ROI

2. It’s the Most Cost-Effective Marketing

Yes, even more than email marketing. Learn more about the industry’s key metrics.

stats and facts infog-02

3. You’ll Get Ignored With a Template Message

Influencers crave for a personalized pitch. Read why here.

Working with Influecers: The bloggers Point of View

4. Rule of Thumb: Choose Chatty People

Friendliness brings influence. Did you know that the average B2B influencer talks with 1,336 people on Twitter? Here’s the influencer’s formula for success.

B2B influencers

5. You Can Learn It All In a Day

No more excuses, mark a day on your calendar. It pays off quickly. Here are the best courses and guides to learn influencer marketing.

Best Influencer Marketing Guides

6. That’s What Your Boss Must See

There are specific pain points you need to address to get your boss onboard with your Influencer Marketing plan. Here’s how pitch influencer marketing to your boss (like a boss!).

Pitch Influencer Marketing like a boss

It’s 2017 Already, Time to Take Influencer Marketing Seriously.

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