Having the right tools in your toolbox can make all the difference. It can save you time, money, and solve great pains.

Marketers know this pretty well. They use dozens of tools in their daily routine to get the best results. And now when influencer marketing is on the rise, they are looking for the right tools for it. As Lauren Grabowski mentioned in her grand list of Influencer Marketing Tools, Influencer Marketing is reaching a historic high in interest.

With this kind of public interest, Influencer Marketing can’t, and shouldn’t, be handled manually. It needs to be simplified with easy-to-use tools.

For the sake of simplifying life, we decided to share 3 influencer marketing nifty tools that we love. We hope you’ll take them for a spin.

1. Notifier


Why should you give it a try:

Encourage Influencers to promote your content. 

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Tell me more about it:

If a piece of content falls in the internet and no one is around to see it, does it make an impact?

Creating content without having a smart distribution strategy is more of the philosophical question from above rather than a results-driven marketing.

Influencers play a central role in optimizing the content distribution. The next step after writing a great piece of content is making sure it will be seen and shared. Notifier, an online tool by ContentMarketer.io, helps right there. 

How does it work? Notifier scans a blog post that you wish to share, and finds which people were mentioned in it. After the scan is complete the tool offers to tweet a pre-formatted message to all of them, letting them know that they were mentioned in a blog post. You can also send the tweets to Buffer, though this is a paid-service and cost a monthly fee of $9.

Does it work? After using it for a while, I saw a nice rate of engagement with the tweets by the influencers. They were responsive and more than willing to like, retweet and share the content by themselves.

2. Klear Chrome Extension

Klear Influencer Marketing ExtensionWhy should you give it a try: 

Qualify Twitter influencers on the fly.

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Tell me more about it:

 The feeds are crowded with people, only a few of them are social gurus. Klear Chrome extension identifies influencers right in your Twitter timeline. You’ve never heard about it because we’ve just released it in a beta version and we’re super excited about it!

Influence is measured by complex metrics. As you know, it’s not about the volume of audience, but about relevancy, interests, location, audience demographics and more.

Measuring the social qualities of every person you consider approaching can be quite a hassle. Klear’s Chrome extension automates the influencer qualification process right in your Twitter timeline.

After installing the extension you will see our social badges near the user screen name. They will tell you immediately what is the user’s main expertise, how influential is she, and how friendly and responsive is she.

How does it work? The Klear extension utilizes our influence algorithms and shows the results directly in the Twitter feed.

With the extension on, you won’t waste time on identifying influence. You will immediately see if the user is relevant to you, whether you should reach out and what he’s really into.

Our Chrome extension is another step of making influencer marketing, from identifying to outreach, a mundane and hassle-free task. Along with our platform, we previously released an iOS app and now a Chrome extension. Give it a try and share your thoughts with us.

  3. RiteTag Tag Optimizer


Why should you give it a try:

Optimize social updates with the right hashtags and influencers right from where you post.

Try it here.

Tell me more about it:

Finding the best hashtags to accompany your content requires a bit of a research. There are great tools like Hashtagify to help you choose hashtags wisely. Another useful tool here is RiteTag.  

RiteTag helps with optimizing a tweet or post while crafting it. RiteTag offers a Chrome extension that suggests relevant hashtags, free gifs to add, and even emoji suggestions.

One added value that RiteTag offers is the influencers suggestions. While crafting a tweet, the user can look for influencers according to the tweet topic and choose from a curated list. RiteTag use the term influencers in a broad sense, so most of the suggested influencers are mainly social accounts with a high volume of audience. 

Having said that, the option to quickly find influencers while writing a tweet is easy and a constant reminder to invite more people to the conversation.

Your Favorite Tools

I hope this blog post encouraged you to give some of these tools a try. I would also be happy to hear which tools did you find useful for influencer marketing and how do you use them. So now it’s your turn, which tools do you use for influencer marketing?

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