The influencer marketing industry is literally booming! In our recent report analyzing influencer activity, we identified a 39% growth in influencer #ad campaigns on Instagram alone. Yet, with all this growth, marketers still approach pricing with little understanding. And, as our mission has been to support brands through every stage of an influencer program, we’ve come to understand that pricing is an important aspect of a campaign that many feel uncertain about.

The Klear 2019 Influencer Rate Card

Across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, we analyzed an extensive pool of 2,500+ influencers to understand market rates as pricing differs by content form and influencer type.

Our analysis breaks down influencers into 4 categories:

  1. Nano (500-5K Followers)
  2. Micro (5-30K Followers
  3. Power (30-500K Followers)
  4. Celebrity (500K+ Followers)

And, looks at pricing patterns across 5 different content forms:

  1. Instagram Post
  2. Instagram Video
  3. Instagram Story
  4. Facebook Post
  5. YouTube
Influencer pricing 2019

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How Much Do Instagram Influencers Really Charge?

Instagram influencer fees vary according influencer type and content form.

Nano influencers charge $41 per story, $100 per post, and $114 per video. Micro influencer earn $73 per story, $172 per post, and $219 per video. Power influencers charge $210 per story, $507 per post, and $775 per video. And, Celebrity influencers earn $721 per story, $2,085 per post, and $3,138 per video.

Influencer Pricing Made Simple

Not only did our research help establish industry pricing rates, but we identified a simple equation that can be used to set rates if an influencers does completely fit into one of the rate card “boxes”.

$30 x 10,000 Followers = Total Rate

*factor in extras

Influencer Pricing For Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the hottest trends in influencer marketing, in fact in 2018 1-of-3 sponsored posts was an Instagram Story. And, though Stories only last for 24-hours, the creative and personalized feel offers brands limitless opportunities to connect with their audience. As with any new channel, influencers and marketers are still discovering Stories, making it one of the most critical platforms to have pricing data on.

Now, when budgeting for influencer campaigns, brands can understand how much of their budget should be allocated to Stories.

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What Do YouTube Influencers Charge?

Budgeting can be challenging. Without a comprehensive understanding of market rates, it can be hard to determine how much spend is needed for a campaign. Refer to market rates during the budgeting phase. If you have already established a marketing budget, use a rate card as a base can help determine which type of influencer and content form is realistic.

For example. YouTube is the most expensive social network for an influencer campaign. Mainly due to the effort required to create video content. This alone can help marketers understand if they want to incorporate this platform into their campaign. But, for those looking to leverage video content in their strategy, we’ve found that long-videos are on average 2X more expensive than short-videos, pricing at $1,234 and $656 respectively. A long-video would be around 15-minutes.

Influencer Pricing Trends

Our research not only allowed us to identify clear pricing rates across the four leading social channels, but presented us with fascinating data on overall trends relating to influencer marketing pricing.

When looking at pricing by region, we uncovered the most expensive country to produce an influencer campaign with rates 7X more expensive than the United States. It appears that Travel is the most expensive influencer category with the average travel post costing $5,335. The second most expensive industry is Fashion, costing far less at $549 a post.

One of our most surprising discoveries is the existing pay disparity between male and female influencers. Though women make up 77% if the influencer market, male influencers are paid almost 100% more. When analyzing across all social channels we discovered that Women charge an average of $351 while Men charge  $459.

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