By now, you’ve all seen these generic influencer campaigns: an influencer holds a product with a smile. Nothing seems genuine about the situation but still, we see it all the time. Aren’t there more creative ways to work with influencers?

To encourage marketers to give their influencers much more creative freedom, we’ve compiled a short list of impressive campaigns. In these campaigns you’ll find brands and influencers working together but with a little twist. 

If you are familiar with a creative influencer campaign, feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

1. HelloFresh

Instagram is the kingdom of food pics you cannot stop drooling over. But don’t think being a food brand makes it easy to get noticed on Instagram. People are fed up with seeing the same dishes over and over again. It’s 2017 and Instagram food photography seeks a change.

HelloFresh found a way to get noticed. They decided to literally take a step back. Instead of taking tempting food pictures, they chose to focus on the people who cook it.

The healthy food boxes company encouraged food influencers from all over the States to share an everyday moment in the kitchen. The result is a beautiful collection of personal stories around dinner. See the example below. Cute, isn’t it?


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2. Dr. Martens

Not many brands can say their clients will always remember the first time they own their product. Dr. Martens certainly can. If you ever owned a pair of Dr. Martens, you’ll cherish it for the rest of your life. This nostalgic feeling was a great emotional point to touch with previous campaigns.

But when Dr. Martnes launched a new lite version of their shoes they wanted to reach a different feeling. The company launched a new concept of their famous shoes with an ultra-lightweight sole and athletic appeal. To introduce the new shoe to their audience, the brand launched a campaign for #DMsLite, partnering with fashion influencers from around the world. The company invited the influencers to try the new shoes and “feel the lite”.

More than 100 fashion trendsetters from all over the world celebrated the new lightweight shoes jumping, floating in air, or just expressing their light feeling.


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3. Bumble BFF

Finding a soulmate is hard, but at some point in life it’s the same with making new friends. After changing the dating app industry with their safe place for women to meet potential dates, Bumble decided to enter the friend zone. They released a new app for just-friends matches.

Bumble BFF is designed to help women find same-gender friends. To spread the word, the company joined forces with leading female influencers, who get the most out of life. The company partnered with influencers who are into travel, dating, fashion, and lifestyle.

The partners shared their stories about making new friends while moving to a new city or traveling abroad. Here’s how it looked like:



4. Forever21

Forever 21 trusts their shoppers to be their best promoters. The fashion brand encourages their clients to tag their Instagram images with the hashtag #F21xMe and be featured on their special shoppable site.

Unlike other fashion campaigns, this puts the consumer at the forefront of the brand’s image.

If there’s one major thing to take from Forever 21 approach here, is their ability to leverage the consumers’ love into true organic promotion. Looking at the people who used the hashtag and brought its reach to over half a million mentions, it is easy to notice many leading fashion and lifestyle influencers.



5. Stella & Chewy’s

And now for a completely different kind of influencers: dogs!

Animal influencers are getting more and more attention, promoting different kinds of products, from pet food to a Toyota 4Runner. Cats broke the internet way before any human celebrities did, but it took marketers some time to figure out what to do with it.

Advertisers start recognize the power of adorable pets on Instagram and it’s more common now to see them featuring in influencer marketing campaigns. One great example of a company that maximized the power of dogs is the pet food brand Stella & Chewy’s. The company engaged tens of influential dogs on Instagram and reached more than 6 million people. The ROI of this campaign is estimated by more than $300,000 USD (!).


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