Instagram has grown to be a dominant social network for users and marketers in the last few years, but data and analytics for each profile weren’t within reach.

Marketers who are used to plan and analyze their activities according to social data found themselves lacking in crucial insights about their Instagram performance. Until now.

We are excited to announce the release of Klear Instagram solutions. The new features offer deep demographics data and vast search options, which are fully integrated into the Klear platform.

Here are the new Instagram capabilities that are now live on Klear:

Find Instagram Influencers

Meet the Instagram Influencers Search Engine

With Klear Influencers Search you can now find Instagram influencers around any topic or field of interest. You can also search for Instagram users by location and specify the request by country, state and even a city.

The search could be around any of the 60,000 skills and interests that we cover. Let’s just say we are looking for a baking influencer from Vancouver, Canada:

Instagram search results

From the results page, we click on the profiles that fit our criteria to learn more:

Tessa Huff Baking influencer

Dive deep into any profile’s network

Tracking down and analyzing who are the people who follow an Instagram account was always a challenge for marketers. We decided to offer a definite solution for this issue. You can now see exactly who are the people who follow an Instagram profile and filter the results by locations and skills.

We didn’t stop there. Each user’s network can be analyzed not only by the people who follow the account but also by those who previously interacted with it or mentioned it. With these separate audiences, marketers can now see who are the most influential followers and most devoted fans for each Instagram profile.

Instagram Followers

Qualify Your Next Brand Advocates

Full Instagram Demographics

The followers demographics of an influencer can be different from one social network to another. An Instagram influencer can have different audiences on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Now you can see the overall demographics of an influencer or a brand, and also the demographic data for each social network on its own.

At the Instagram demographics, we share several key insights:

  • Where the followers and engaged users are from, presented by countries, states, and cities.
  • Top hashtags they used.
  • Top Interests.

Instagram followers by location

hashtags and interests

Measure Instagram Performance

Hashtag Tracking

Track any hashtag you care about on Instagram and see how many times people mentioned it and what were they saying. This new analytic superpower will help you analyze campaigns’ performance and gain new insights about your audience. 

Instagram brand monitor

Brand Monitoring

Along with tracking the mentions of a hashtag and brand mentions on Instagram, we present a clear view of the engagements level over Instagram. You can now see in any time frame how many likes and comments a profile earned, and also how it grew over time.

instagram engagements

With this unique Instagram data, we hope to change the traditional way marketers and brands do marketing on Instagram. There is much more to know about any Instagram profile than its audience size or how many likes and comments it gets. Our new Instagram solutions open new opportunities and offer enlightening insights for the data-driven marketers.

If you have any questions and requests, we would be happy to answer them and shed more light on these new capabilities.

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