An influencer campaign takes time. First, you contact the influencers and help them with the creative. After all the hard work is done, it’s ready to go live and be posted online.

And then the campaign is over. Suddenly, both of you, the influencer and the marketer have nothing in common. The intense relationship you’ve just had for a few weeks is fading away. It feels like you both wave goodbye not to see each other again.

If that’s the case, something is wrong.

When collaborating with influencers, both sides need to aim for a long-term relationship. But it’s on you, the marketer, to keep the influencer engaged and an active supporter of the company – even after the campaign has ended.

How can you encourage influencers to continue and support the company in the long-term, even after the campaign is over?

Read the Signs of a Committed Influencer

A committed influencer is a person who believes in you. An influencer that loves your product, the brand, or the ideas it represents, will stick around way after the campaign is over.

That’s why you need to choose your team wisely. Think of the influencers as the presenters of the company. When you start a collaboration, your reputation depends on their actions.

Choose influencers that you can rely on. Don’t choose an influencer just because you liked their recent posts and their fan base size. Find the signs of good online reputation in their level of friendliness (are they responsive to their audience?), consistency (are they committed to their own online presence? Do they post frequently?), and previous mentions of brands.

How Can You Help Them?

Once you’ve gathered a team of influencers, show them that you are all together for something bigger than just a campaign.

Think of what’s-in-it-for-them and help them achieve it. They want to be more influential. To reach a wider audience. To get to know more people in the industry. You’ve got the means, share with them what you’ve got. Here are some ideas that you can adopt:

1. Support their efforts

When they share a blog post or a new video, show your interest in it. A like or a comment can’t hurt, not to mention a link back to their site.

2. Help them be a source of knowledge

Share with them news and pieces of information. They would love to be the first to share it with their audience.

3. Be a matchmaker

You work with other influencers, why won’t you make an intro? No need to be super official here. A friendly tweet can do the trick.

4. Crown them

Honor your influencers with titles they can take pride in. For instance, some brands nominate their influencers to be brand evangelists or KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders). Those leaders are then happy to share their titles on their site and public profiles.

5. Create a cliffhanger

The campaign ended? Never forget to thank the participants for their efforts and mention future projects.

Escape the Campaign Mentality

The relationship between a brand and an influencer should be meaningful. This essence can be achieved with ongoing support, being responsive to their needs, and even just being there for them, regardless of your own needs.

Having influencers to show their love to your brand on ongoing basis starts with your attention and escaping the campaign mentality.

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