The secret to a productive day is sticking to a well-planned schedule. But part of being human is that you just can not be productive 100% of the time. Sad but true.

As much as we would love to be efficient all the time, most of us simply aren’t. One of the biggest unproductive pitfalls of the work day is the early morning. It’s the time when you get to work and before jumping into the pile of emails and tasks, you just need a smooth and easy task to start your day efficiently.

Here we decided to share a technique of 5-minute influencer nurturing workout. While marketers dedicate a lot of time and effort into finding influencers and working with them, nurturing the relationships with influencers is often overlooked.

Here are 5 quick things to help you nurture relationships with influencers while still sipping the morning coffee.

1. Get Instagram drunk

Clicking the Like button is the easiest way to be generous these days. It’s really not a big effort. Did your influencer post something new and it’s any good? Don’t be shy, flatter them with a loving heart.

When keeping this routine of Liking the influencers updates, they’ll notice that they’re on your radar. That’s a good way of keeping the momentum with your influencers without getting into long chats.

Liking your influencers’ latest updates requires planning. You will need a place, like an an excel sheet, a Twitter list, or a CRM, to keep track of your influencers and their feeds. Once you’ve organized all the feeds in one place, check it first thing in the morning. If you already have a list, it’s good to add important notes to it, like previous discussions, important dates (birthdays!), and so on.

Action Item: Open Instagram and start liking everything worthy by your influencers. When in the mood, add a friendly comment.

When you're drunk and go on instagram

2. Send one tweet

Have you reviewed the social leaders updates and found nothing interesting? Start a conversation.

Initiate a friendly talk: ask what their plans are for the day, check if they are attending an interesting event soon, or inquire what’s their opinion about the latest industry news.

The idea here is to have real conversations and interactions with your influencers. That way you’ll be more accessible to people, and not just that marketer from the office who pings them when in need.

Action Item: It doesn’t take more than a tweet to start a conversation. Just send it.

3. Talk about it with your office buddy

Take the updates from your favorite influencer and make them a water-cooler conversation topics. Get yourself a supportive office buddy to gossip on your influencers. Think about it like a diet or exercising. Deciding to start one is the easy part. It takes a friend or a group of people to keep up with it. So is with this daily morning routine.

Action Item: Choose one extraordinary post from an influencer. Send it to your colleague. You’ll both have something smart to say about it.

4. Indulge in procrastination

If you are not a morning person, or just need a day off from your coffee routine, this one is for you.

Add to your calendar a future activity for later today. Put something in your diary, such as to comment on the latest blog post of a blogger or to outreach to an influencer.

If you are the type of person that postpone things, schedule these activities. Setting time to small tasks will help you follow up and stick to the ongoing influencer program. When the tasks are scheduled at specific times, it is easier to get them done.

Action Item: add an activity to your calendar.

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5. Share > Comment > Like

Sharing is caring? Sharing is everything. Likes show that you paid attention. Comments are thoughtful. But sharing is the real deal. Get the influencer’s attention with a share. This little gesture can reignite a dialogue with them.

Action Item: share an influencer post.

Have an Influential Coffee Ritual

A healthy morning ritual can do great to your influencer program. Nurturing influencer relationships sounds like a tough work, but when keeping it as a daily habit, it shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 minutes a day.

We would love to hear what are your morning coffee rituals. Share it with us and feel free to do it over coffee!

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