New: Authenticated Influencer Metrics

As we’re rounding out the year, our team launched a couple of awesome features that we are excited to share with you. Let’s dive right into it! First-Party Authenticated Metrics We’ve heard from many brands that they constantly ask Influencers to share screenshots of their performance metrics with them. Well, not anymore. Klear now features […]

Under the Influence: The “Fake” Epidemic

Under the Influence is a bi-weekly news recap, sharing recommended reading about influencer marketing.  Fake followers are the top concern in influencer marketing. According to a new Econsultancy report, 42% of marketers said their biggest concern, when it comes to influencers, is fake followers. The platforms are trying to address this issue: Instagram has started removing fake […]

How to Track Influencers Instagram Stories

For too long, Instagram stories have been the blind spot when measuring influencer campaigns. Unless marketers spotted and tracked the Stories manually, they couldn’t monitor it, nor measure their performance. Stories where a black hole in performance measurement. Without a proper solution, marketers had to track Stories manually. And you know what, some manual work on […]

How to Add an Influencer Gallery to Your Site [Product Updates]

What if you could utilize your influencer efforts to boost online conversions? Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Well, now you can. A research from Northwestern University has shown that social recommendations can boost online conversions by 270%! This is why we’re so excited to release our newest tool, the Klear Influencer Gallery. This is a new solution […]

9 Free Instagram Analytics Tools To Try in 2018

Although Instagram is a leading social platform, many marketers are still struggling to get clear data for their accounts. Luckily, the internet is full of great solutions for this pain and you know what, there are amazing Instagram tools which are completely free. In this blog post, we share free tools that help in doing […]

Influencer Marketing Trends You Must Know in 2018

Everyone knows influencer marketing is exploding, but to what extent?  To answer this question, we’ve recently analyzed 1.5 million #ad posts and were blown away by the results. According to our study, the industry doubled its size in just one year (!) as more brands are stepping in, learning how to find influencers and work […]

5 Apps Using Influencer Marketing To Grow by Millions of Users

There are many ways to promote an app, from paid promotion to pitching review stores to feature the app. One of the best user acquisition techniques is the word-of-mouth marketing. A person you know and trust tells you they’ve started playing a mobile game? Most likely, you’ll give it a try. For this particular reason, […]

5 Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Don’t Seem Staged

By now, you’ve all seen these generic influencer campaigns: an influencer holds a product with a smile. Nothing seems genuine about the situation but still, we see it all the time. Aren’t there more creative ways to work with influencers? To encourage marketers to give their influencers much more creative freedom, we’ve compiled a short […]

How Brands Drive Sales with Instagram Stories

Just last year, brands faced a big issue on Instagram: sharing external links with followers. Can you recall posting about a new blog post on your account and having to direct followers to your bio to click the link? No one cared to take the time to go to your account and check out the […]

5 Genius Ways Brands Are Using Instagram Stories

250 million people check their new Instagram Stories every single day. Instagram stories got so popular that it even knocked down the daily usage of stories viewed on Snapchat! Now that Stories have become a dominant channel on Instagram, brands are starting to figure out how to best use them to get noticed in their fans’ feeds. The […]