Influencer marketing has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. Yet, not everybody hopped on the bandwagon.

I get it. It’s not easy to change the mindset and adopt a new marketing strategy. But can you afford not to try it in today’s competitive market? It’s an adapt-or-die game out there. When you skip the most value-for-money marketing tactic, you’re risking to be left behind.

Let me rephrase. Every passing day without an influencer marketing strategy deepens your social media deficit. Maybe you can’t see it now, but this debt is growing. Take a look around. Do your competitors have relationships with influencers?

Are you mentioned in the volume you wish by your target audience?

Do you have enough people who will be on your side in times of crisis?

What’s so special about Influencer Marketing?

As Lucy Rendler-Kaplan said:
Lucy Rendler-Kaplan

“Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where brands and companies target individuals with influence to affect change in buying patterns or habits over other people.”

In other words, instead of targeting all of your audience, you can put your efforts just on those who move the needle. Is this change in focus worth it?

 This hesitation is well-understood. Let’s figure it out together.

The Influencer Marketing Dilemma

Influencer Marketing is trending but is it for you? Do you need to change how you do social marketing now? Why should you care about it all of a sudden?

1. You’ve Been Blocked

At the end of 2015, there were more than 200 million active Adblock users.

Ad-blockers are a fast growing problem for marketers. People hate ads and now they take an active action towards it. For your brand, it means that paid marketing is becoming less efficient.

Reaching the target audience in an organic way, such as with influencers, can be a solution.

2. Be Ready When the Crisis Starts

It’s so easy to find yourself in a social media crisis today. All you need is an angry customer or an employee’s inappropriate tweet. 

Although it’s common, many brands are not prepared for one. 

Melissa Agnes, a crisis management expert, advises how to avoid a crisis in advance. Her secret is to be proactive about it every day – way before something happened. There are many things you can do to reduce social risks: assess ongoing issues, actively social listen, and respond to every complaint. 

But that won’t save you when something unpredictable happens. 

Here’s one thing you can do. Establish relationships with influencers.

Influencers can change the conversation in dire times of social media crisis. Their opinions matter to their audience. If you need empathy from your customers, influencers who care about you are the ones who can deliver it.

Reaching out for the first time on doomsday will be too late. If you can do one thing every day to mitigate a future social crisis, establishing relationships with influencers should be it. 

3. No One Cares About Your Content

Do you feel that your content efforts are going to waste? You are not alone. It’s one of the most common problems marketers express.

It requires many efforts to create quality Instagram photos, creative Facebook posts, or informative blog posts. And then you post it and nobody cares about it.

Change this poor ending by getting influencers interested with your content. When they like it, they share it. That’s the distribution push you needed.

4. Be the Talk of the Town

Are people talking about you? It’s no secret that raising brand awareness is a struggle.

Having active relationships with influencers pays itself back. When you’re in their know, your brand will find its way into their conversations. Even an incidental endorsement from an influencer can drive many people to your door.

5. Influencers are Trustworthy (Unlike You)

A prospect client is making a market research. He is window shopping and considering several options, including your product. Do you have someone trustworthy to advocate in your favour?

Self-promotion has tight boundaries. Sure, you can jump into the conversation and promote yourself. But nobody likes it. It’s usually too explicit, and even a full disclosure can not fully help here. 

When endorsed by others, especially by social leaders, the brand is suddenly seen in a new and fresh angle.

Influencers have a reputation within their crowd. When they mention a brand, it means they probably tried it or know something about the people behind it. They are willing to put their name next to it. They know people trust them and care about their approval. And so should you.

6. Their Audience is your Target Audience

 Do you want to an access to the club of your target audience? Guess what, your influencers are already leading this club.

A close relationship with an influencer can be the foot in the door you need.

The Consequences of Not Starting With Influencer Marketing Today

You can wait. Don’t rush it. 

Keep spending more on ads. Let your competitors become best buddies with the social leaders of your target audience.

Sitting on the fence has its consequences. You will be late to the party that’s already started. The audience is used to see influencers endorse brands. In some verticals, they even ask for this kind of endorsements and recommendations.

Think only about your company’s best interest.

If there’s one thing you can do every day to defuse social risks and get closer to your audience – what would it be?

It’s time you tap into influencer marketing. Discover Klear:

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