Should you do Snapchat marketing?

Let’s ask a preliminary question: are you an active snapchatter?

If the answer is no, then don’t.
If you are, let’s talk.

Snapchat is not like any other social platform.

Snapchat is unique. You just can not copy your ongoing marketing tactics and implement them on Snapchat. Things that worked on Facebook, Vine, and even YouTube, do not speak the language of Snapchat. The storytelling here is different, the audience expectations are different. The whole experience is different: its a now-and-here feeling of genuine personal content.

Join the platform and experience it by yourself. Once you’ve done that, we can talk about marketing on Snapchat.

Why you can’t ignore Snapchat anymore

There’s a reason why after 5 years around, marketers are getting more interested with Snapchat.

Here are Snapchat’s stats that requires every marketer’s attention:

  • There are over 100 million daily active Snapchatters.
  • More than 60% of US 13-34 y/o smartphone users are Snapchatters.
  • 8 Billion video views every day on Snapchat.
  • Snapchat is young: 23% of its US users are 13-17 y/o; 37% are 18-24; 26% are 25-34.

Why Snapchat is Not For Everyone

These are amazing stats if your target audience is millennials. So should you start already? Wait, after mentioning the pros, let’s put the cons upfront.

It’s hard to get new followers

To find new users to connect with, you can only type their username or scan a person’s snapcode. What you can’t do is discover new users by topic or interest. Getting new followers requires hard work of distribution in all your other owned assets, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles.

Content vanishes quickly

Stories on Snapchat are available for 24 hours. You can put all your efforts in a video, but keep in mind that it’s there just for the day. There’s no long-term SEO value like in YouTube or other platforms.

No recycled content

Every marketer repurposes some content from one platform to another. A blog post from your blog can reappear with some tweaks on Medium, Linkedin, or other outlets. A YouTube video can easily be posted on Facebook.

But Snapchat is different. You can repurpose content, but you shouldn’t. This medium requires its unique daily stories. Your followers will immediately know if they see repurposed content.

Hard to measure performance

If you are a data-driven marketer, for the time being, measuring your performance will be tough. Demographics and insights about your performance will be difficult to grasp.

The Hardest Thing on Snapchat

Every time the users open the app they make a choice: to watch your story or not to.

They actively choose what to watch. There’s no endless feed like on Instagram or Facebook that helps them discover new stories.

And that’s why your content must be interesting. Highly interesting.

Being interesting on Snapchat doesn’t mean being provocative or creating high-production videos. On the contrary. It means creating genuine snaps, that reflect the real you. Nothing fancy. Just you, showing and telling interesting stuff to your target audience.

This is obviously not for everyone. Some brands are bypassing it by contacting Snapchat influencers. These expert users know the platform inside out. They know the lingo, they have their audience, and they feel comfortable with the platform.

The only thing is, it’s not easy to find influencers on Snapchat. To help you with that, we gathered 3 ways to find Snapchat influencers.

Find Snapchat Influencers

1. Curated lists of Snapchat Influencers

Try these resources:

Here are 3 people we discovered through these resources and we highly recommend to follow:

snapchat influencers discovery

2. Find Twitter Influencers who also use Snapchat

Twitter Influencers try to persuade their audience to follow them also on Snapchat. We recommend finding the power users who have already gained social authority and seek their snapcodes. Here’s an example of a fashion influencers search on Klear:

snapchat influencers on Twitter

3. Advanced Google search

Run this search on Google with the relevant keywords:

intitle:snapchat +“on twitter” + “skill”

For example: intitle:snapchat +“on twitter” + “fashion”

This search will yield tweets mentioning snapchat with the relevant skill on Twitter. You will have to manually refine the results by the skill influence. We can also suggest our Chrome extension to make this process much easier with assessing the influence level and other behavioral patterns of the user.

Let’s connect!

If you followed us till this point, why stop here? Let’s connect on Snapchat! Here we are:

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