Social media marketing experts are expected to talk the talk and also walk the walk.

But, how would you know which ones would respond if you reach out to them?

We took the initiative to examine one of the most interesting parameters on social media – who are the social media experts that use twitter to engage on a personal level, and actually talk with people?

When we say, “talked with” we are referring to people having two-way conversations on Twitter. Some of these conversations are people discussing topics of mutual interest, or industry news and events, e.g. the Apple Watch Launch, interesting content or just chatting about life.

If you are looking to build relationships on twitter (which you should be!) you want to be connecting with people that would return your call.

While this type of analysis can be done on many different and interesting verticals, our mission here was to look at social media marketing experts.

Some of the accounts we looked at had conversations with thousands of people. Among the people on our top list, all talked with more than 1,900 people.

Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur who’s built a super successful online wine business using social media, has had conversations with (the insane figure of) 23,498 people!!

That’s a lot of people and a lot of conversations.


Friendliest Influential Social Media Experts

# Name Twitter Account  Followers   Talked With 
1 Gary Vaynerchuk garyvee                         1,121,867                                     23,498
2 Kim Garst kimgarst                            328,110                                     11,223
3 Chris Brogan chrisbrogan                            304,078                                        9,472
4 Jeremiah Owyang jowyang                            158,634                                        7,690
5 Brian Clark brianclark                            172,754                                        7,576
6 Mari Smith MariSmith                            343,928                                        6,486
7 Scott Stratten unmarketing                            175,916                                        6,255
8 Ted Rubin TedRubin                            266,143                                        5,986
9 Warren Whitlock WarrenWhitlock                            202,350                                        5,982
10 Marsha Collier MarshaCollier                            105,554                                        5,486

Searching For the Top Social Media Influencers

In order to see which top social media influencer had the most conversations we first compiled a list. We used Klear’s Influencers Search Engine to provide us with the top 200 social media marketing influencers.

Then, we took the list and sorted by the total number of people that each influencer talked with. Next, we added some interesting information on each account, e.g. their amplification level (average number of retweets one gets per 100 tweets he/she posts) which we include in our infographic.

The results are summarized in the infographic above and the tables below:

The World’s Friendliest Social Media Experts #11-#20

Friendliest Influential Social Media Experts 11-20


# Name Twitter Account  Followers  Talked With
11 Rand Fishkin randfish 217,232                       4,690
12 Jeff Barrett BarrettAll  179,133                       4,525
13 Ann Handley MarketingProfs 277,345                       4,353
14 Jason Houck MJasonHouck                            132,729                       4,207
15 Jeff Sheehan JeffSheehan                            303,415                       4,101
16 Scott Monty ScottMonty                            108,000                       4,095
17 Sandi Krakowski sandikrakowski                            281,058                       4,091
18 Glen Gilmore GlenGilmore                            304,269                       4,003
19 Mark Schaefer markwschaefer                            104,581                       3,568
20 Jay Baer jaybaer                            147,756                       3,470

The World’s Friendliest Social Media Experts #21-#30

Friendliest Influential Social Media Experts 21-30


# Name Twitter Account  Followers   Talked With 
21 Pat Flynn PatFlynn                            106,685                                        3,453
22 Dave Kerpen DaveKerpen                               48,519                                        3,438
23 Alex Howard digiphile                            236,065                                        3,229
24 Darren Rowse problogger                            214,876                                        3,222
25 Jason Falls JasonFalls                               92,784                                        3,180
26 Ted Coine tedcoine                            433,649                                        3,174
27 Danny Sullivan dannysullivan                            438,353                                        3,172
28 Michael Brito Britopian                            128,015                                        3,146
29 Neal Schaffer NealSchaffer                            104,351                                        3,087
30 Marie Forleo marieforleo                            128,477                                        3,084

The World’s Friendliest Social Media Experts #31-#40

Friendliest Influential Social Media Experts 31-40

# Name Twitter Account  Followers   Talked With 
31 Pam Moore PamMktgNut                            232,004                                        3,048
32 Michael Hyatt MichaelHyatt                            243,569                                        3,027
33 C.C. Chapman cc_chapman                               45,652                                        2,944
34 David Meerman Scott dmscott                            115,170                                        2,930
35 Guy Kawasaki GuyKawasaki                         1,444,245                                        2,856
36 Beth Kanter kanter                            404,570                                        2,793
37 Hillel Fuld HilzFuld                               28,735                                        2,729
38 Sara Stewart twowitwowoo                            160,150                                        2,378
39 John Paul Aguiar JohnAguiar                            142,621                                        2,246
40 Brian Fanzo iSocialFanz                               27,631                                        2,221

The World’s Friendliest Social Media Experts #41-#50

Friendliest Influential Social Media Experts 41-50

# Name Twitter Account  Followers   Talked With 
41 Eric T. Tung EricTTung                            138,783                                        2,164
42 Lewis Howes LewisHowes                               97,422                                        2,121
43 Brett Relander BrettRelander                            125,952                                        2,116
44 Bryan Kramer bryankramer                            111,937                                        2,084
45 Michael A. Stelzner Mike_Stelzner                               93,438                                        2,074
46 Ann Tran AnnTran_                            445,954                                        1,982
47 Calvin Lee mayhemstudios                               91,842                                        1,950
48 Jeff Jarvis jeffjarvis                            145,388                                        1,937
49 Sarah Evans prsarahevans                            104,815                                        1,925
50 Scott Levy FuelOnline                            354,955                                        1,900

What Have We Found?

It was immediately clear that social media influencers are talking with a high number of people.

They are actually using social media networks to create, maintain and encourage connections and relationships.

We included the following metrics:

  • Number of people they talked with
  • Amplification level (for the top 10 accounts), which represents the average number of retweets that account receives for 100 tweets it posts.
  • Picture
  • Twitter account
  • Number of followers

Its one thing knowing how many people one speaks to, its another knowing who these people are. Each of the accounts selected in our list above includes a link to the account’s public Klear profile which shows that info as well.

What Useful Insight Can You Access In the Klear Public Profiles?

  • Top influential skills (based on analyzing content they shared and engagement around each piece of content)
  • Activity, as measured by the average number of posts per day
  • Popularity level, as measured by the number of engagements they get per post
  • Responsiveness, measured by the frequency these people reply to their audience
  • How many people they talked with, and who these people are
  • Their audience demographics
  • Their top followers
  • Their top content as measured by the number of shares on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Social media has created a new class of experts, the social media marketing expert, and businesses are only recently acknowledging their presence and influence over consumers and the industry as a whole.

Whether you are building your personal brand or trying to grow your business, we urge you to use social to connect, build, and nurture relationships.

Wondering how to measure your social media performance and increase your ROI with smarter usage of social media? Check out Klear 14-day free trial of social intelligence that helps you stay ahead.

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