Today is a very special day, it is the the day that Twtrland becomes Klear!

Twtrland has made quite a journey since we first launched, and we felt it is now time to align our brand with the company we have become. We started out by helping twitter users decide whether they want to follow someone or not. Today we are a leading social intelligence platform, covering Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, offering free insights for millions of users, and providing brands with a cutting edge marketing platform.

The Klear Marketing Platform is already helping hundreds of the biggest brands in the world do smarter marketing. We provide a new, simpler way to data drive your marketing efforts, learn from your competitors strategy, and find the influencers that matter for your brand. Don’t take our word for it, just try it out Free, and join some very happy customers.


Why Klear?

Our mission is to organise the social graph’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. We analyse the millions of interactions that happen every day on the social web, and encapsulate it to a simple product with clear data and call to actions. The wealth of information that is out there today is invaluable, though indigestible. And while many tools provide complex graphs and endless information, we work day and night so that you won’t have to. We are on a mission to bring you clear data, rather than lots of data.

Our culture is important to us and has lead the way when making tough decisions in our product and now our brand. You see, we love disrupting tech almost as much as we love simplicity. We’ve got Tesla’s motor patent silk-printed on our office wall, and our research team has developed algorithms that make machine learning experts hands sweaty. We’re very proud of our social insight graph, and believe it’s a disrupting technology, but our top-most value has always been simplicity.


 The Diamond

A diamond is a transparent crystal. The most precious stone, the hardest substance on earth, graded by different levels of color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. We see every user, influencer, brand, topic on the social web as similar. You are all special and rare, and we do our best to show it to the world.

Same Family, New Upgraded Home! Stop by for coffee.


Founder & CEO at Twtrland Klear


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