“If you love someone set them free”. 

I bet Sting wrote this line after not finding a decent present for Valentine’s Day.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming and it’s that time of year when marketers and lovers get shaky. Expectations are high: some need to deliver big romantic gestures and some cheesy-themed campaigns. Both can’t afford to screw things up.

But who deeply and madly expects this day? To answer this question, we monitored the mentions of Valentine’s Day for the last couple of weeks. We found out that though love is (hopefully) a mutual thing, when it comes to Valentine’s Day the inequality rises to the sky.

After analyzing 240k mentions of Valentine’s Day here’s what we found:

78% of the mentions were made by women, most of them are at the age of 18-24 (47%). Most of the mentions were made by people from the US (51%) and the UK (26%).

It’s worth mentioning that while women may care more about Valentine’s Day, men do the actual spending. According to Forbes, men spend an average of $175 on gifts and cards while women spend an average of $88.

Who cares about Valentines Day?

Looking deep into the conversations and content that people shared, one can sense an additional narrative that thrives beneath the surface. Among the many gift wish lists, there’s also the theme of those who are going to spend the day alone. Think about it: singles who resent Valentine’s Day, and couples that aren’t fond of the red-wrapped gifts, can paradoxically be also a target audience for this day’s campaigns. Take the latest Durex campaign as an example of cutting out the cliches (no worries, it’s SFW).

After seeing the great expectations differences among men and women, we sensed that Valentine’s Day can help celebrate the love but also to generate a relationship crises.

So for the sake of reaching Valentine’s Day’s finish line in a Rom-Com style and not like a Romeo and Juliet story, we started looking for experts’ advice. We found some relationship and dating influencers that share their wisdom with a devoted audience. Here’s what they say:

Advice from Dating and Relationship Influencers

Esther Perel

esther perelEsther Perel explores modern relationships. Her TED talk about “The secret to desire in a long-term relationship” is a must-see, especially on Valentine’s Day. You’ll learn that making little surprises for your significant other are crucial in a long-term relationship. And by surprises, we don’t mean a heart-shaped box of chocolate. 

Here’s a thought by Perel:

[Tweet “Our partners do not belong to us. At best they are on loan with an option to renew. -@EstherPerel”]

Cheyenne Bostock

bostockCheyenne Bostock is a life and relationship expert. His story is fascinating: While living in a homeless shelter, Bostock discovered his life’s purpose and became a life consultant. He advises men and women on how to reach their goals in a relationship, their life, and their career. 

Today he shares his thoughts with more than 100k followers, that read his tweets, books and blog posts. 

[Tweet “Commit to someone who motivates and inspires you to be great. #Love advice by -@AskCheyB”]

Julie Spira

Julie spiraJulie Spira is an online dating expert and a digital matchmaker. She runs dating boot camps and is also a private dating coach. As she puts it, her boot camp can take you from undateable to become a dream date.

Here’s a dating tip by Spira:

[Tweet “Dating someone new? Have a new crush? Send them a good morning text to make their day. -@JulieSpira”]

Dr. Gary Chapman

chapmanDr. Gary Chapman is a marriage consultant and the author of the New York Times bestseller “The 5 Love Languages series: The Secret to Love That Lasts”. He shares his own experience with more than 200k followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s something to bear in mind:

[Tweet “Love is not a feeling; it is a way of behaving. -@DrGaryChapman”]

Laurie Davis

laurie davis eflirtLaurie Davis is the founder of eFlirt, a digital dating service. Her advice has been featured on every media outlet you can imagine, including the WSJ, BBC, The New York Times and many more. She shares great advice on her social profiles, with tips and articles with interesting dating data. Here’s a quote from her: 

[Tweet “Make sure you still ask your honey out. It shows you don’t take love for granted. -@eFlirtExpert”]

Bobbi Palmer

bobbi palmerBobbi Palmer is a witty and sincere dating expert. She helps women over their 40’s to overcome the frustrating and exhausting time of dating and focus on finding a new love.

With compassion and humor, Palmer shares candid real-world advice that encourages action and thought.

[Tweet “Maybe the reason he talks all about himself is because you let him. -@BobbiPal”]

Dr. Helen Fisher


You may know Dr. Helen Fisher from her famous TED talk or from her questionnaire to measure your love. If you haven’t seen her talk or didn’t get to fill in the quiz, you definitely should. Fisher is a biological anthropologist, who advises to internet dating sites like Match.com. She researches love and relationship through science.

Here’s something you probably didn’t know that comes out from hugging:

[Tweet “Hugging a lover can reduce stress, and increase your memory. -@DrHelenFisher”]

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