There are many influencers in the online sea. Deciding which influencer is the perfect match for your brand can be pretty simple – with the right data in hand.

The checklist below provides the criteria for vetting an influencer with just a few steps.

Following the checklist will help you stay away from vanity metrics like the audience size and focus on things that truly matter.

One thing before you start vetting influencers: make sure to specify your objectives with the  influencers. While some brands collaborate with influencers to increase direct sales, other focus on brand awareness, expanding their online supporters, or even  improve SEO. The objective can affect the decision on which influencer is best for you.

Take a look at the following cards and check if the person you are going to collaborate with answers the points below. Does she have a real audience reach? Does he communicate with his audience or just push out content? And how do you feel about their style, can you imagine your brand mentioned among their content?

This checklist will help you vet your next influencer. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to share it with us in the comments below!

1 - Vetting Influencers - Expertise

2 - Vetting Influencers - Reach

3 - Vetting Influencers - Engagement

4 - Vetting Influencers - friendliness

5 - Vetting Influencers - activity

6 - Vetting Influencers - influence score

7 - Vetting Influencers - content

8 - Vetting Influencers - audience demographcis

9 - Vetting Influencers - openness

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