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We usually think of social media as the place where one person connects with a group of friends. But what if we leave the one-person view and take an outer space look at the world: what will we discover about nations by the way its people interact with others globally?

We decided to take up this challenge and analyze how social media links people across geographies. In this research we uncover who is the friendliest country in the world; the most introverted country; and the most popular country in the world.

How We Measured the World on Twitter

In our research, we analyzed Twitter conversations and following metrics based on accumulative data of 5 years. The data included more than 11 million Twitter accounts.

Our research science team built a cross-country conversation graph based on conversations and following patterns on Twitter. Here is what we found after analyzing more than 1 billion data points:

The Friendliest Country in the World

friendliest countries on Twitter Canada

They say the Canadians are the nicest people on earth, and you know what? It’s all true.

Among the most active countries on Twitter, the Canadians are the friendliest Twitter users in the world. According to our research the Canadians are the most open to conversation with people outside of their country. The average Canadian is having 9.3 conversations with users outside of his/her country.

Not so far behind are the Aussies. The Twitter users from Australia are having 9.1 conversations with outsiders. Still up the chart, but a bit far behind are the Germans with 8.1 conversations. Here are the top 5 friendliest countries on Twitter:

The Friendliest Countries in the world on Twitter

The Most Introverted Country in the World

The most introverted country in the world on Twitter is Japan

On the other side of the map are the secluded countries, where people are more likely to have conversations with their own fellow citizens.

Our research discovered that the most “introverted” country is Japan. The Japanese tend to speak almost entirely with other Japanese. Only 7% of the Twitter conversations by Japanese are with people outside of Japan.

The most Introvereted Countries in the World on Social

The Most Popular Country in the World

This probably won’t shock you, but the most popular country in the world is the US.

We looked into the destinations of the conversations on Twitter. According to our study, the US is the most reached-out-to country in the world. It means that among the outgoing tweets of people around the world, the States is the most popular destination for these tweets. The 2nd most popular country is the UK, and Canada reached the 3rd place.

The friendliest countries on twitter: deep research analysis of the world on Twitter

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