The audience of a conference is far wider than those who physically buy tickets. The organizers know it. The speakers must know it.

Because, when speakers go up on a stage, they speak not only to those they see, but also to an invisible crowd. The latter follow the event through their social feed and dramatically extend the venue’s boundaries.

Remarkable keynote speakers made their stage a platform. Their insights on stage transformed to tweets, images and conversations. MozCon 2015 proved it to the fullest.

Twitter Turbulence: Over 30k Mentions 

We monitored and analyzed engagement levels around MozCon’s speakers throughout the event. The results show how important it is to invite the right keynote speakers to a conference. The overall impact: over 30k mentions for the conference in three days!

All speakers were insightful but these top 5 lead the conference on social:




Will Reynolds

@wilreynolds  | 1,703 Mentions

Presentation Deck

For the one who pointed out that, “competitors are waiting to overtake you,” Reynolds knew very well how to reach first place.

Reynolds is the founder of the digital marketing agency Seer InteractiveHe spoke about the disruptive environment we live in and how to continuously focus on people and their needs. With an effective activity on Twitter along the event, he managed to conquer the first place as a MozCon influencing speaker.




Dr. Pete Meyers

@dr_pete  | 1,262 Mentions

Presentation Deck

Pete Meyers, AKA Dr. Pete, “broke the internet”, almost literally. Moz’s marketing scientist talk was, “Surviving Google: SEO in 2020,” where he took the freedom of analyzing the future of the SERPs and how not to lag the industry. Google is changing the SERPs continuously, moving more relevant actions to the front. Today, you can find answers and take action on various queries straight at the SERP, like getting directions, paying for tickets or booking hotel rooms. If that’s the case now, what is it going be like in 5 years? How can we be prepared for it?

His unique presentation showed the real opportunities in today’s and tomorrow’s SERP. This lead to Twitter conversations like:





Cindy Krum

@Suzzicks  | 937 Mentions

Presentation Deck

The immediate result of Cindy Krum’s talk was 196 new Twitter followers. How did she do it?

Krum, a mobile marketing evangelist at Mobile Moxie, live-tweeted her slides. She also offered a bonus slide on twitter. Smart move.

fanbase growth

Krum spoke about a common new pain: improving mobile SEO. She dived into the deep details of the new Google Mobile Friendly algorithm and how to survive it. And this was the response from her talk:




Dana DiTomaso

@danaditomaso  | 895 Mentions

Presentation Deck

DiTomaso took the mentions lead on the first day of MozCon. And it wasn’t easy. DiTomaso, a partner at Kick Point, needed to overtake Moz’s Rand Fishkin’s intro presentation and even Moz’s new MozContent announcement.

Her brand strategy talk was about matching the identity of the company with its branding. She explained how to analyze a brand strategy, define a new one and set its tone and voice.

Here are top shared tweets taken from her talk:




Kristina Halvorson

@halvorson  | 789 Mentions

Presentation Deck

It’s not easy to tell clients and brands what content they need. Halvorson, founder of Brain Traffic, directed the audience to focus on the right one: content for people, not for bots.
The tweets around her talk speak for themselves:


MozCon Complete Speakers Influence Metrics

Rank Speaker Name Twitter Handle Twitter Mentions Total RTs
1 Wil Reynolds @wilreynolds 1703 947
2 Pete Meyers @dr_pete 1262 626
3 Cindy Krum @Suzzicks 937 551
4 Dana DiTomaso @danaditomaso 895 445
5 Kristina Halvorson @halvorson 789 447
6 Cyrus Shepard @CyrusShepard 731 465
7 Matthew Brown @MatthewJBrown 697 340
8 Adam Singer @AdamSinger 684 367
9 Marshall Simmonds @mdsimmonds 675 319
10 Gianluca Fiorelli @gfiorelli1 650 474
11 Cara Harshman @CaraHarshman 649 305
12 Courtney Seiter @courtneyseiter 605 281
13 Mig Reyes @migreyes 604 232
14 Lexi Mills @leximills 555 247
15 Marty Weintraub @martyweintraub 514 211
16 Richard Millington @RichMillington 511 251
17 Mary Bowling @MaryBowling 492 217
18 David Mihm @davidmihm 492 267
19 Marta Turek @MTurek 407 146
20 Adrian Vender @adrianvender 382 205
21 Purna Virji @purnavirji 359 178
22 Tamara Gielen @tamaragielen 340 137
23 Duane Brown @duanebrown 227 131
24 Stephanie B Wallace @SWallaceSEO 175 101

Mentions of Honor: Two power-speakers are missing from the list above: Rand Fishkin and Ruth Burr Reedy. Fishkin is the face of Moz. He performed the opening and closing talks at MozCon and had a total of 2,239 mentions. We wanted to widen the scope of research to also include people who were less associated with the conference.

Ruth Bur Reedy did amazing social work during MozCon – and was super friendly. She initiated conversations with many speakers during the event and got a total of 1,731 mentions – regardless of her impressive talk during the event about getting hired to do SEO.

Event as a Content Eruption Trigger

The keynote speakers made MozCon what it is, not only on stage, but also on the Twitter. They created an experience of closer engagement all along the event.

The influencers made all the difference. They made the conference an ongoing content creation and curation event. Make sure to acknowledge how essential the influencers on stage were and network with them to amplify your next event tens time more. If you have a chance, MozCon is a great event to see it in action.

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